Tips to modernize a traditional home

Whether you are moving to a new home or you want to revamp your existing traditional look of your home into modernized one. There are countless ways that you can find. Here I would be sharing few tips that are easier and quick to use.

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  • Usually books are arranged vertically on your shelves. You can create horizontal stacks of the books and place them with a little distance between them. Both horizontal and vertical stack can also be placed on your bookshelf thus giving your room an updated look.
  • Integrate bright colors in order to freshen up the look of your home e.g. a canary yellow table or cushions can give a modern look.
  • In order to lighten up the dark look of the furniture, place a transparent coffee table or any other item. This one piece would give a contemporary touch.
  • To keep your place modernized, stick with solids. Use mixed metals, texture, furnishes and a sharp furniture to make it attractive and minimize pattern.
  • Usually we place a console table and mirror below a cascade of turned wood blows in an entry way. Make this space creative by using a sling chair placed on a fuzzy area rug. Along with it use a beautiful or funky portrait against a floral wall paper. The wall paper and the portrait will complement each other thus making the whole space an expected unique one. You can play with simple things and bring out creativity from them.