Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres are tyres air or gas under pressure. This type of tyres are usually made for resisting the flattening effects when punctured. In that case the vehicle can be run with that collapsed tyre at reduced speeds.

Why Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres have high demand due to the uncertainty of accidents. One can never tell when, how or where the tyres of his car can get punctured. Suppose you are off for a long drive and your tyre gets punctured in a remote place. You do not have any backup, what to do now? To avoid this type of situations, run flat tyres are invented. This enables drivers to run their vehicles at reduced speed even after the tyres get punctured.

There are three basic technologies upon which run flat tyres are made. These are self supporting technology, self sealing technology and auxiliary supported technology. Self supporting technology is being used for past 80 years. this type of tyres had fabric inner tyres working as a shield against blowouts. In recent time, self supporting tyres are pretty common in passenger cars, light trucks and buses.  Self sealing tyres come up with an extra lining within the tyre. This helps to self seal the tyre when a damage occurs to the tyre, e.g. collision with nail or screw.  This technology enables the tyre to self repair itself. An extra support ring is attached with the auxiliary supported run flat tyres.  This ring is basically used to support the weight of the vehicle if tyres get puncture.

Benefits of Run Flat Tyres

Bridgestone says- “Run flat tyres save the day…”. The benefits of run flat tyres are massive in number. This offers a comfortable ride and requires lesser number of materials to operate. Even after getting punctured, drivers can drive at least fifty miles at fifty miles per hour . This allows the driver to get a convenient place to stop. Run flat tyres do not require any jack, spare tyre or spare wheel – thus reducing the materials needed to carried by manufacturers.

Most of the run flat tyres perform way better than those of regular tyres. These tyres are so strong that these can even handle bullets shots and remains mobile unless the driver can escape. So these tyres are just perfect for military or security uses. These tyres ensure firmer rides due to the strong reinforcement in tyre side walls. Thus, it is wiser to spend money on run flat tyres rather than on low quality tyres.