Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party? Tips for You

As any event organiser and parent knows, organising anything with children in it is not an easy task. Especially if very young children are in the picture. However, children do not typically need a lot to keep them happy and entertained, so you need not worry too much about everything being absolutely perfect. Unless of course, that is for you! If you are a first-timer to organising a children’s birthday party though or a new parent, you may find the following tips useful.

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Include Activities

Sure you can have music, food and lots of cake, but unlike adults at a party, children will not be as attuned to what is going on. They need to be rallied and guided, so if they are quite young, you should have a schedule of activities and include them in the invites. That way, parents of the guests can help with the excitement, by letting them know what they can look forward to. Activities will help keep them occupied and interested.

Involve Them

Not that you could really take the word of a 3-year old or anything, but you still need to involve the child as much as possible so they feel like it is their party. They would love to tell you about which friends they want to invite, and which desserts are their favourite. You can even pitch ideas like a bouncy castle hire Cambridge for instance, and see how they respond to it. Wherever possible get their input. It is after all, their party!

Party Favours

Seeing as how adults still love to receive party favours, these are a staple at a children’s birthday party. You could get something neutral for everyone, both boys and girls, or something gender specific. Party favours do not have to be extravagant, something small will suffice. Children are not picky about how big or fancy their gifts are, they are just excited to have something at all. Just make sure you choose favours that are safe and non-toxic.


Children are not geared to party all night long, so you need to choose your hours carefully. Depending on how old the kids are, set your party time accordingly. Do not go beyond more than a few hours, as they will get cranky after some time. Once the sugar rush has worn down and sleep starts kicking in, the real party begins for the parents, so it is best to wrap things up quickly. Make sure you give this one some thought.