Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Hand Soldering

We live in an era of technology and innovation. So, there is no need for you to trouble yourself with hand soldering. However, there are those who prefer to stick to hand soldering since it is more authentic. If you are following this habit too, then you are putting yourself in great danger. You need to start to make use of modern equipment in order to enhance the efficiency of your work. Here are some reasons why you should to abandon hand soldering and start using modern gadgets.

It is Time-Consuming

This is one of the reasons why you should avoid hand soldering. Since everything is done manually, it can take a while for you to get the job done. When it comes to hand soldering, you need to do the task without the use of modern gadgets. This can take a long time and therefore can make the art of soldering boring and tedious. Therefore, it is best if you make use of available technological equipment.

It is Unsafe

When you are hand soldering, you are in considerable danger. Therefore, you will have to wear the necessary protective gear and be extremely careful. This can cause a great deal of hassle. On the other hand, when you use gadgets such as a soldering iron, you have nothing to worry about. Of course, soldering in any way involves certain risks. But when you use modern equipment, there will be no need for you to worry about your safety. You will be able to work peacefully without any fear.

Easy to Handle

When you use modern gadgets, you will be able to complete the soldering and whatever project that you are working on within a short period of time. However, when you opt for hand soldering, you will have to tire yourself unnecessarily.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to give up on hand soldering. So, make sure to buy the necessary equipment to increase the efficiency and safety of your work.

Dunlop to Continue Propelling Moto2™ and Moto3™ World Events

Dunlop Tyres has extended its tyre supply contract with Dorna Sports for the leading motorsport World Championships – Moto2 and Moto3.

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16 Dunlop to Continue Propelling Moto2™ and Moto3™ World Events

Dunlop Tyres will continue supplying racing radials for the globally popular Moto2 and Moto3competitions. The tyre manufacturer has extended its ongoing agreement as an exclusive radial provider for these racing events.

Dunlop Tyres had, in the past, dominated the racing scene under open tyre regulations in the 125cc and 250cc categories. The tyre manufacturer then signed a contract for its role as an exclusive tyre supplier in 2010. This was the year when the 600cc four-stroke category in Moto2came into existence. It next signed the agreement when the 250cc four-stroke category was created under Moto3in 2012.

The Renewal of Ties

Dorna Sports delightedly announced at a recent press meet about Dunlop’s extension of the contract. The spokesperson for Dorna confirmed that the tyre maker has signed a fresh set of agreement, which entitles it to continue its term as the sole tyre provider for these championships beginning 2015.

The contract will ensure that all riders participating in the lightweight and intermediate categories at the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship will exclusively ride on Dunlop rubber. Additionally, all the competing bikes will bear Dunlop logos, and participants will receive Dunlop caps as awards for finishing the competitions in podium positions.

Moreover, as a part of the deal, Dunlop also gets the benefit of trackside advertising at all FIM MotoGP™ World Championships held internationally.

Neither Dunlop Tyres nor Dorna Sports have specified the duration of the recently signed new contract. The length of the new agreement has been simply mentioned as -“from the beginning of 2015”. Dunlop Tyres’ Sanjay Khanna, however, used the phrase “coming years” while speaking about the deal.

Dunlop Aims at Higher Goals

Motorsport fans acknowledge Moto2 and Moto3World Championships as among the most electrifying racing events in the world, states MD, Khanna. The racing intensity at the events makes viewing those compelling for fans across the world, he adds. He also said that Dunlop’s motorsport division looks forward to promoting these classes increasingly over the coming years. Dunlop, he says, plans to do that in order to focus more on quality of racing and tapping budding talent.

Managing Director, Commercial Area for Dorna Sports, Pau Serracanta, expressed delight at continuing their association with Dunlop. He lauded Dunlop for being one of the most experienced names in the lightweight and intermediate tyre supply categories in the world motorsport arena.

The company, he added, has contributed significantly in the development of Moto2 and Moto3right from the time individual classes were introduced. Dunlop has, moreover, paved a way to these Championships for outstanding riders such as Marc Marquez.

Out of Moto2 and Moto3, the former, since its inception, uses Honda control engines; whereas the latter is an open engine competition. The Honda-only agreement is scheduled to last until December 2018; the contract may then be renewed.

Dunlop’s tryst with motorsport began over 125 years ago, when its first ever pneumatic tyre accomplished four victories at a cycle racing event in 1889. Since then, Dunlop continues to lead in all major forms of motorsport with continuous technological advancements.

Run flat tyres

Run flat tyres are tyres air or gas under pressure. This type of tyres are usually made for resisting the flattening effects when punctured. In that case the vehicle can be run with that collapsed tyre at reduced speeds.

Why Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres have high demand due to the uncertainty of accidents. One can never tell when, how or where the tyres of his car can get punctured. Suppose you are off for a long drive and your tyre gets punctured in a remote place. You do not have any backup, what to do now? To avoid this type of situations, run flat tyres are invented. This enables drivers to run their vehicles at reduced speed even after the tyres get punctured.

There are three basic technologies upon which run flat tyres are made. These are self supporting technology, self sealing technology and auxiliary supported technology. Self supporting technology is being used for past 80 years. this type of tyres had fabric inner tyres working as a shield against blowouts. In recent time, self supporting tyres are pretty common in passenger cars, light trucks and buses.  Self sealing tyres come up with an extra lining within the tyre. This helps to self seal the tyre when a damage occurs to the tyre, e.g. collision with nail or screw.  This technology enables the tyre to self repair itself. An extra support ring is attached with the auxiliary supported run flat tyres.  This ring is basically used to support the weight of the vehicle if tyres get puncture.

Benefits of Run Flat Tyres

Bridgestone says- “Run flat tyres save the day…”. The benefits of run flat tyres are massive in number. This offers a comfortable ride and requires lesser number of materials to operate. Even after getting punctured, drivers can drive at least fifty miles at fifty miles per hour . This allows the driver to get a convenient place to stop. Run flat tyres do not require any jack, spare tyre or spare wheel – thus reducing the materials needed to carried by manufacturers.

Most of the run flat tyres perform way better than those of regular tyres. These tyres are so strong that these can even handle bullets shots and remains mobile unless the driver can escape. So these tyres are just perfect for military or security uses. These tyres ensure firmer rides due to the strong reinforcement in tyre side walls. Thus, it is wiser to spend money on run flat tyres rather than on low quality tyres.

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